Chanukah 4 Two on 2

The celebration of the miracle of the lights illuminated new culinary discoveries at ChezHelvetica on this second night of Chanukah. For a change, Sweet Potato Latkes with Scallions took center stage, embellished with homemade Applesauce accented by harvested Saigon Cinnamon and Sour Cream. An Endive and Escarole Salad (made with Satsuma Tangerines instead of the called-for oranges) and a Dijon Mustard Tangerine Vinaigrette burst through the rich, fried dishes providing the perfect balance. Happily, Gravlaks plucked from the freezer were still wonderful two weeks later. Macaroon Tarts filled with Apricot and Raspberry were the final blessing of the evening. And Dreidel, Dreidel we shall play thanks to this cherished gift from our friend Matisse.



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