Nice. And Not Nice.

Bastille16TortelliniChezHelvetica’s vision for a heartwarming celebratory Bastille Day dinner turned somber with the day’s heartbreaking news in Nice, France. Consider this post a condolence card to all those grieving. Still, we had to move forward. Hummus Heaven provided comfort with their Kale and Almond Hummus served with Organic Celery Hearts and Carrots, as did Chicken Soup made with Rotisserie Chicken, Onion, Garlic and Parsley. Bastille16CruditeGiovanni Rana‘s Cheese “Delicato” Tortellini delivered more contentment, topped with a homemade Cherry Tomato Sauce. Florin Gardens’ Blackberry necklace a lá Mode concluded the evening with wishes of Peace for this world.

Bastille16Soup     Bastille16Table     Bastille16Dessert





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