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From the Maccabees to Martha, Via Tuscany

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Tonight we celebrate Chanukah and Judah Maccabee’s victory in re-dedicating the Temple. (History lesson: The Maccabees found only a small jug of oil, uncontaminated by virtue of a seal, and although it contained enough oil for only one day, it miraculously lasted eight days). After delighting on latkes the first night of the holiday, this seventh night’s menu included Shiiatake Mushroom Fettucine with intoxicating Truffle Oil, creamy Burrata Cheese and Puréed Rutabaga with shallots. Chef Claudio’s recipes inspired this delicious fettucine while Martha Stewart Living provided a new twist on the root vegetables. The recipe specifies the addition of mascarpone cheese, however, I substituted a combination of cream cheese and sour cream. The fine food and wine for our meal were gathered from the wonderful Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and A.G. Ferrari. Zabaione – named “Chef Claudio’s second breakfast” – sweetened this celebration of victory and miracles!


Spaghetti&Meatballs á la Chez Panisse Café

Friday, April 16th, 2010

There’s nothing like a little help from Alice Waters and her Chez Panisse Café Cookbook to wipe out childhood memories of dry, overcooked meatballs with a savory herb meatball recipe. These tender dumplings floated in a simple tomato sauce made from Campari tomatoes and then sauteed in red onion, garlic and parsley. The meatballs and sauce crowned a bed of whole wheat spaghetti. Fresh spring greens and artichoke hearts, enhanced with a little sea salt and Meyer lemon juice, were a great complement to the pasta. The 25th Avenue & Clement St. Produce Market, AK Meats and Costco all played roles in my hunting and gathering. An Italian wine seemed like the perfect pairing for our meal and, indeed, A.G. Ferrari‘s house red elevated the meal even further!


Silver Seder

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Our Silver Seder celebrated several milestone occasions, the most important, of course, the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. Non-traditional recipes from The Sephardic Kitchen provided the perfect inspiration for our feast that evening. From charoset, made with figs, dates, apples and walnuts and rolled in cinnamon, resembling truffles (thank you Arielle) to a seared ahi tuna salad with arugula and capers to braised chicken made with honey, cinnamon sticks and San Marzano tomatoes from A.G. Ferrari. This chicken dish is a specialty of the Moroccan Jews with saffron adding an incredible fragrance and color. Whole wheat couscous, steamed vegetables and Josh’s delicious hummus accompanied the dish. Lest I forget, we began the meal with Joan’s heavenly matzo ball soup. For dessert, we delighted in a Moroccan Passover torte made with coconut, walnuts and an intoxicating orange flavor thanks to fresh-squeezed orange juice and Grand Marnier, then garnished with Michael Recchiuti bittersweet chocolate shavings and whipped cream. HolyLand Matzot from Trader Joe’s were the ubiquitous symbol throughout the ceremony, from their place on the seder plate to the concluding afikomen – “that which comes after dessert” – and results in a gift. That night, a special birthday gift for Josh!

Italian night

Monday, September 28th, 2009

A private tasting and tour of A.G. Ferrari Foods for members of the San Francisco Professional Food Society inspired the dinner for this evening. In fact, the featured pasta – artisan produced organic Fusilli Napoletani – topped with incredible San Marzano tomatoes were gifts from that wonderfully educational, epicurean experience. Eggplant from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market (grilled stovetop and dressed with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Trader Joe’s goat cheese) along with Gallo Italian salami from Safeway and olives from our huge Costco jar continued the theme. An Italian Primativo wine, “A Mano”, from BevMo helped transport us from Land’s End to Italy!