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First Fresh Corn of 2007

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

The First Fresh Corn of the year appeared today. The corn was from Mexico and was indeed fresh, but I have to say that it was nowhere near the quality of sweet corn from my native northeastern Ohio (where the Szalay family grows some of the finest hybrid sweet corn in the world)!

The menu tonight was inspired by Memorial Day and wanting to barbecue. I grilled asparagus and an avocado and dressed it with some balsamic vinegar. The vegetables were accompanied by what we affectionately refer to as an Aidell Dog. Bruce Aidell manufactures a wonderful variety of sausages from artichoke & garlic which was cooked for tonight’s ChezHelvetica, to Chicken & Apple and Mushroom & Garlic and a Cajun.

Wild cherries completed the meal!