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A Candlelit Lunch

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

It’s a weekday. It’s lunchtime. Outside, it’s dark, cloudy and cold. Like magic, the burst of candlelight, vivid colors and warm food transform the day. Grilled stovetop, whole wheat and corn tortillas, avocado, baby spinach, cheddar cheese and salsa (embellished with Campari tomatoes) become Veggie Burritos. A Green Bean Salad (Food Network chef Ellie Krieger’s recipe) accompanies our entree. Trimmed and steamed green beans, fragrant toasted walnuts, vibrant parsley and a mustard vinaigrette burst with flavor. A happy union. BTW – the matchbook used to light the candles reads “Kathy & Freddy June 5, 1981”. More than 30 years later, the matches still ignite immediately.