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Passover Brunch

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Our celebration of Passover was not the traditional Seder, but a last day of Passover brunch!
Since this was a Sunday, we kicked off with Mimosas (made with either orange juice or home-made Meyer lemonade and Vueve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne) and almonds. Martha Stewart Living provided a delicious recipe for Skillet Matzo Brei so this was our main course accompanied by creme fraiche and Greek haroset, made with dates and green apples. NB: Yehuda matzot were used in the matzo brei since they won the recently published tasting contest by the San Francisco Chronicle. We also served steam-baked potatoes (a recipe from HomeChef), a fruit salad with tangerines and blueberries and smoked salmon.

Exotically flavored macaroons – think lavender, hazelnut and chocolate – from Boulange finished our meal!


Mind Shaft Society Expedition Gathering

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

My husband Freddy and his Burning Man theme camp, the “Mind Shaft Society” went on an expedition to the deYoung Museum to begin their brainstorming for 2008. It was a cold, wet day so when they returned to our house from their expedition, I was prepared with┬ásun-dried tomato soup, a recipe from Food & Wine. Everyone really enjoyed that! To accompany the soup, I also served a variety of cheeses and crackers and carrots and olives. Also, thanks to Freddy’s sister Barbara we had an array of great nuts from Christmas plus some chocolates, grapes and cherries. Refueled, the Mind Shaft Society actually starting talking about fuel for their camp in ’08. Stay tuned!