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A Salute to Memorial Day

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Our Memorial Day celebration embraced both the traditional significance of the day in acknowledging war veterans (in this case, the folded flag holding bullets fired at my father’s funeral) and the always fun summer barbecue with friends. Real Simple Magazine’s June feature on finger-licking fare inspired me to head to Marin Sun Farms at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market where I purchased baby back ribs. Using the classic barbecue sauce recipe in this issue, it was my first foray into making barbecue sauce. I tweaked it by adding some Worcestershire sauce.

A Caesar Salad recipe from Epicurious provided the perfect combination of delicate hearts of romaine (from Star Route Farms) and savory garlic croutons, a wonderful accompaniment to sweet corn. Vanilla ice cream with honey-poached nectarines and toasted coconut, crowned by a strawberry, was the dessert of choice, also adapted from Real Simple. Then there was the wine  brought by our friends from their well-stocked cellar …. all I can remember now is that it was wonderful. And there was a lot!


A Simple Sirloin Supper

Monday, November 16th, 2009

K-I-S-S Keep It Simple Stupid — the watchwords of my wonderful mother-in-law. Grace would have heartily approved of this Marin Sun Farms sirloin steak, grilled along with fingerling potatoes — crowning a bed of wild arugula. Worcestershire sauce, Stonehouse Farms extra virgin olive oil and fresh thyme dressed this delicious dish. Cosentino Winery‘s Zinfandel created an atmosphere of further relaxation for our simple supper, concluding with left-over Halloween candy. A salute to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kat Wafer Bars!

Grilled Steak Salad with Roses and Calla Lilies!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Surrounded by beautiful roses from my husband’s co-worker Carole and calla lilies from my BFF Joan, we enjoyed a Gourmet Every Day Quick Kitchen recipe of grilled london broil salad with worcestershire vinaigrette, roasted yams and bites of black bean and cheese tamales. Grass-fed london broil from Marin Sun Farms was purchased at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, as well as the organic yams and Primavera Tamales. This dinner morphed the london broil we first ate a couple of days before (perhaps the best I have ever had)  into a delicious salad with arugula from Trader Joe’s and grilled red and white onions. The vinaigrette used thyme just picked from our garden. We couldn’t quite finish the tamales at another dinner so this was a great opportunity to eat these delicious bites. Medjool dates (filled with potassium) capped off our colorful, healthy meal.