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Summer Crowd Pleasers

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The cover of Martha Stewart Living’s June issue promised “Summer Crowd Pleasers” and indeed two of the recipes really pleased us. The rich Penne Frittata with Ricotta and Basil tasted almost like a noodle pudding but with a sophisticated taste. In large part this was due to the fresh basil I plucked from the beautiful plant on my counter. Thank you Trader Joe’s for selling these for $2.99! It was like comfort food all grown up, especially when served with Asparagus with Capers and Lemon. This delightfully piquant dish offered a great counterpoint to the frittata. The last of the season sweet asparagus from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market provided a fond farewell to Spring and a salute to Summer, just on the horizon!


Is the Fish Fresh?

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

The answer to my husband’s perpetual question in this case is a resounding YES, in fact the fish is Wild. A Martha Stewart Living recipe with the magic words “you make the main and side dish all in one pan” got me going! The succulent halibut from Alaska (purchased at Safeway) roasted alongside the baby zucchini while I made the luscious butter sauce, substituting shallots for the onion. Why cut into a whole onion for such a small amount? Whole wheat couscous from Trader Joe’s, studded with delicate shiitake mushrooms from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, completed the meal. A Pacific Rim Dry Reisling helped the celebration of warm weather – finally – and beginning of the Memorial Day Weekend. Halleluyah!


Spaghetti Squash with Prawns

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Never Before Eaten – Spaghetti Squash! A new culinary adventure beckoned with a recipe from Everyday Food, a Martha Stewart publication. After baking, you use a fork to remove the squash creating spaghetti-like strands. Combined with roasted prawns, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and parsley, and voila! a delicious, healthy dish. The wonderful Pezzini Farms market in Monterey yielded the squash as well as the artichokes we ate with this. Pumpkin pie from Swanton Farms, lush with spice and a delicious crust, was devoured afterwards.


Summer Fun

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Stone fruit, berries, grilling and company all add up to summer fun. My sister and niece were leaving and my mom arrived later that day. With bounty from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco and the Fruit Basket in Sonoma, we feasted on grilled chicken sandwiches with red onions and a whole grain mustard and creme fraiche dressing, tomatoes in garlic oil and grilled fingerling potatoes in vinegar and salt, all recipes from Martha Stewart Living’s June issue. A word of caution about those potatoes, the vinegar was somewhat overwhelming. Now for the dessert – a delectable Almond cake with berries from Jacque Pepin’s “fast food my way.” Along with almond paste, the ingredients called for a syrup made of either whiskey, rum or cognac. Given that my 15 year old niece was going to be eating this, I had to make a substitution. Happily, my concoction of pomegranate syrup and vanilla was a success! During the dinner with my mother we enjoyed a luscious chardonnay from Pine Ridge Winery as we watched “In Wine Country” and “60 Minutes” featuring a segment on Alice Waters. We felt like we were in the wine country and that Alice Waters would have enjoyed our meal!


Dinner before Phoenix

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

With my husband’s impending departure for a business trip to Phoenix, this was the perfect opportunity to have a special farewell dinner. Artichoke risotto and grilled halibut were the featured dishes this evening. The purchase of a huge jar of artichoke hearts from Costco propelled my search for a recipe which I found online through a surprising source – the Junior League of Tulsa, Oklahoma! Wild halibut (which I actually ended up broiling) was dressed in lemon juice, lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, capers and basil, a great recipe presented on A delightful Edna Valley Chardonnay accompanied this meal. Thanks to the current issue of Martha Stewart Living, we enjoyed a blueberry crisp for dessert. Delicious!  P.S. I heeded the advice in the recipe about making extra topping and freezing it so that it would be ready for quick assembly when we next have fresh fruit on hand.

Bon Voyage Dinner

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

In celebration of my husband’s upcoming trip to Burning Man (see his Mind Shaft Society web site for images of Uncle Sam’ Elvis Island Immigration Station) and my whirlwind trip to Louisville, Kentucky to visit my room mate from college, I prepared this casual dinner. It consisted of shrimp antipasto and lemon with mint and parmesan pasta. Martha Stewart Living was the source for both recipes, however, the shrimp antipasto was a recipe card I had saved from years ago and the pasta was from the current issue. It called for fettuccine but I used a sprouted whole wheat pappardelle instead and added sweet cherry tomatoes since I had them on hand. A Russian River chardonnay accompanied our dinner. The easy dessert was Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. We ate straight from the quart container I bought at Trader Joe’s which cost little more than the pints sold in other stores!


Mexican Sunday Supper

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The perfect conclusion to a day of ice-skating at Zeum, shopping and seeing the spectacular Dale Chihuly exhibit at the deYoung Museum for my visiting family was a casual, colorful Mexican Sunday Supper. Roasted butternut squash with peppers and white cheddar with pumpkin Primavera Tamales were the featured entree. (NB You can buy these at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for $8.00, but at Cal-Mart or Bryan’s they are $9.99, as I sadly found out.) The tamales were accompanied by artichokes purchased from Pezzini’s in Castroville, black beans and a lentil rice pilaf that my sister provided. tortilla chips (the end of a 5lb. bag from Costco so they were more like tortilla crumbs) with salsa completed the main course. Dessert took advantage of this wonderful stone fruit season with a grilled nectarine and ice cream sundae topped with a Pecan-Oatmeal Crumble, served in the crystal goblets shown. The dessert inspiration and crumble recipe came from the new issue of Martha Stewart Living. Ice creams served were Haagen-Daz Dulce de Leche (Yum!) and a non-dairy vanilla bean frozen yogurt for my vegan niece. (I made the crumble using oil instead of butter so that she could eat it.) This was ultimately named the No-Peach Grilled Nectarine Sundae as a result of my husband’s end of a long weekend RAM capacity, filled with way too much fun! You had to be there . . .


Passover Brunch

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Our celebration of Passover was not the traditional Seder, but a last day of Passover brunch!
Since this was a Sunday, we kicked off with Mimosas (made with either orange juice or home-made Meyer lemonade and Vueve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne) and almonds. Martha Stewart Living provided a delicious recipe for Skillet Matzo Brei so this was our main course accompanied by creme fraiche and Greek haroset, made with dates and green apples. NB: Yehuda matzot were used in the matzo brei since they won the recently published tasting contest by the San Francisco Chronicle. We also served steam-baked potatoes (a recipe from HomeChef), a fruit salad with tangerines and blueberries and smoked salmon.

Exotically flavored macaroons – think lavender, hazelnut and chocolate – from Boulange finished our meal!