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The Four (Hundred?) Questions

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Liberation from slavery, the “passing over” of the forces of destruction, the exodus of forty days and nights. ChezHelvetica commemorated these events from the 13th century BCE with a Passover Seder honoring this historic occasion, as well as its parallels to life now. The Four Questions usually asked at this ceremony have compounded, with questions about virtually everything going on in today’s world. The meal served and heirloom table settings also honored ancient traditions and cultures while adding fresh touches. First served: Delicious homemade Wise Sons Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls and Apple-Walnut Charoset with Matzot. Next course – a Kuku Sabaszi or Baked Persian Omelet filled with a spectacular burst of fresh herbs and spices, accompanied by dollops of Greek Yogurt and a Mediterranean Olive medley. Our main course showcased succulent Rotisserie Chicken with roasted Honey Gold Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts. After this rich feast, the simple dessert consisted of Strawberries dipped into Sour Cream and Brown Sugar. Dayenu? Enough? Not yet! The next day, which was the first day of Passover, we enjoyed more of the Persian Omelet. On the second day, Matzah BreiMay all our Questions be answered, may Everyone be Healthy and Free!