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When Thanksgiving is in July . . .

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

. . . the reasons to be thankful explode like beautiful fireworks *!*!* Behold the ChezHelvetica garden display – new Sage, Rosemary, Mint and French Tarragon juxtapose vibrant Lavender and orange-hued Dahlias, Zinnias and Geraniums. This burst of life, and the bounty of summer produce, inspired the creation of a Thanksgiving-like feast. The perfect recipe – Ina Garten’s delicious¬†Herb Roasted Turkey Breast – was the centerpiece, accompanied by Roasted Sweet Potatoes and a Green Bean Salad from Real Simple. A Balsamic Vinegar, Shallot and Tomato Dressing doused sauteed Organic Green Beans and Garlic for a savory taste that leaves the traditional casserole in the last century. As the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in a town called Plymouth, the bold Renwood Zinfandel enjoyed this evening also came from Plymouth – this in Amador County. And finally – if life gives you Meyer Lemons, make Neiman Marcus Lemon Squares, you will indeed by thankful!